I am 22 years old and a mechanical engineering student.

Sina Mühendislik YouTube channel

You can find my videos about engineering at my YouTube channel, “Sina Mühendislik“.

My intention is to make videos for engineering students or people who wish they had studied engineering.

If you are an engineering student, my videos can help your studies. If you are not an engineering student, then you can learn engineering concepts by watching my videos.

In this video, I tried to briefly explain how integral calculates area, why it is antiderivative and its formal definition. After watching the video, you will understand the relationship between area and derivative.

A series of videos I have posted to YouTube which includes full “Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics” course. Playlist contains explanations of subjects and worked examples.


I am interested in machine learning, programming and mechatronics. I publish the reports and details of projects that I have been part of, on my website.

The above photos show an automatic guitar tuner, a mechatronics project we made as a 6-member group. We designed and built the system which tunes the guitar automatically with DC motors.

Useful programs

In this section, you can find some basic and fundamental programs that is written in JavaScript, Python and C++.

These programs can help your engineering studies. I published the codes of every program, so that you can easily see how it works. It will introduce you to the fundamental principles of computing and it might help you supplement your “Introduction to Programming” course.